Bailey’s Crossroads VFD

Fairfax, VA 16,676 SF
About The Project

The site is 1.2128 acres and contains an existing 11,267 sq ft, one story building with associated parking lot, a frame supported membrane covered apparatus bay structure, and a tall communications monopole and support structures.
This project will include demolition and removal of the existing Fire Station Building, dismantling and transportation of membrane covered apparatus bay structure to a location in Fairfax County, and construction of a new Fire Station with supporting systems and facilities. The work will be required to be coordinated with and around the existing 135 feet tall telecommunications service and is maintained without interruption throughout the duration of the work. The project has been designed, and is to be constructed to achieve a minimum Silver Certification, under the US Green Building Council’s LEED Green Building Rating System.

Fairfax County, VA
Lemay Erickson Willcox Architects
  • LEED Silver Certified
  • 2015 F.I.E.R.O. Station Design Award of Merit
  • 2015 Fairfax County Exceptional Design Award
  • 2014 Fairfax County DPWES Award of Excellence for Building Design & Construction